How to clean your Pyrography tips and pens

Cleaning your Pyrography tips and pens is very important. It will help your wood burning tips to last longer, and be more efficient.

Over time you will notice them naturally discolour and create a carbon build up. Unfortunately carbon is not good at conducting heat, which is quite an inconvenience.
When you’ve been using your pen tips for a while, you will notice patches that stick to your tips. This is carbon and it builds up rather rapidly.
Little bits of the dust will fall off onto your work while you’re using it. You may also notice that your pen doesn’t burn evenly anymore.

I generally clean pens after every use. Although if I have been burning really dark, I tend to stop and clean more often. Be sure to always wait for the tips or pens to cool down fully before cleaning.

Things you will need:

  • White polishing compound
  • Small piece of leather
  • The tip or pen you need to clean.

    The piece of leather that I use here is just a strip from an apron, The white polishing compound you can pick up on Amazon.

How to clean Pyrography tips and pens
how to clean a pyrography pen

To clean the tips:

First turn off the power to your machine or pen, and allow it to cool down. Rub the white compound on to the rough side of the leather. Then rub your pen or tip over the top of the compound to remove the carbon. You don’t need to push down to hard, just keep rubbing it in small circles.

Yes!!!! It is really that simple!

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